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Go through the following tips

Do you know what to do when cables get loose and tracks bent?

What causes garage doors to rust?

Changes in weather are the most common reasons for rusting. If you have steel garage doors, it is inevitable. According to garage door Carmichael experts, you need to carefully choose the brand so you won’t see rust on your garage door too soon.

How to take care of wood garage doors

You must not use too much water when you clean them to keep wood garage doors from warping. You can also protect them from elements and make them more resistant by applying special varnishes every few years. This way, they will last longer.

Test opener safety sensors every three months

Open the door and place a cardboard box in front of one of the sensors to block it. Then initiate closing with the remote control. The door should not move from the open position. Remove the box and get a broomstick. Press the button to close the door and wave the broomstick in front of the sensors. The door should stop and reverse its course. If the sensors fail to pass any of these tests, you must have them fixed or replaced immediately.

A track out of alignment is a serious issue

If you find that your garage door track has gotten out of alignment, it can easily be a serious issue. If there are gaps between the rollers and rail, or if you see bends in the rails themselves, then the heavy weight of the door will continue to make the problem become even worse until the door ceases to operate. Whenever you find an alignment issue, call our experts for help. We know how to make sure your door works perfectly and we always guarantee your 100% complete satisfaction.

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