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I heard a loud bang and I cannot open the door - what should I do?

These are the typical symptoms of a garage door spring which is broken or damaged beyond repair. Take a look at each of the extension springs. If a spring is in more than one piece, the mystery is solved. If the issue is with a torsion spring, you will notice separation which is about two inches wide. Broken and damaged springs require immediate replacement.

Can my garage door operate without its safety sensors?

Technically, it can operate properly without the sensors working. However, in this case, it will pose a great safety risk to your family and pets and possibly to neighbors and friends. It will not be in compliance with the safety regulations and this may lead to warranty and insurance breach. For these reasons, malfunctioning or damaged garage door safety sensors must be fixed or replaced right away. Safety should always be a priority.

Can I reinstall an old opener if my newer one has started working?

As long as the old opener can still function properly without posing a threat to safety, then it should not be a problem. However, be careful since old garage doors generally do not work as well as they should as time goes by.

Can I purchase a steel door and repaint it my choice of color?

Yes. All steel doors have been painted with a tough topcoat paint that's perfectly suited for repainting after installation. If you decide to do this, simply use high-quality latex exterior house paint after cleaning the door's surface thoroughly. However, to save you the trouble of repainting, check out our wide selection of pre-painted doors and you may find that we already have in stock the perfect color door to compliment your home.

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