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Important Features To Consider In Garage Doors

03/17/2014 Back To Blog

Before buying a garage door in Carmichael, CA, there are a number of things that you should ask yourself. One of them is; what important features should I consider? Well, there are a number of features that you should consider, security and safety features being some of the most important. The following are the features that enhance safety and security in garage doors: -Important Features To Consider In Garage Doors

Safety features

  •     Universal sensors: These are very important safety features that keep the door from closing whenever they sense that something is on the door’s path. They are very helpful to homeowners who have pets or young children who like spending time on the garage playing.
  •     Force guard control: This feature is also an important safety feature as it allows you to select the lowest amount of force that will be needed to open or close the garage door fully.
  •     Pinch resistance: This feature helps to keep your fingers from being injured should they happen to be placed too close to a closing door.
  •     Automatic lights: There are those garage doors, that have automatic lights. These lights usually light up whenever the garage door is opening or closing. This helps the driver to clearly have a clear vision of his way once he steps out of the car. The light helps him not to trip on something and fall.
  • Security features
  •     Rolling codes: These codes prevent any other person other than the homeowner from gaining access to the house through the garage door.
  •     Vacation settings: These settings prevent other people from gaining access to your home while you are away. All you have to do is to disable the opener to ensure that it won’t respond to any other transmitter.
  •     Alarm: There are those garage doors that are fitted with alarms to give a sign when they are tampered with.

Considering these factors during garage door installation in Carmichael, CA is very important as it ensures that your safety and that of your loved ones is enhanced. It also ensures that unauthorized persons are kept away from your premises when you are in your house, or when away from home. It is also advisable for you to rely on a reputable garage door company to install the automatic garage door for you.

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